the girls we met in the winter, their infinite possibilities (2015)don't cry, because we're forever. we all have to meet again (2021)


여자친구 | GFRIEND

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2021 onwards

following an inability to agree on new contract terms with their original company, the groupmates decided to leave hybe in may, 2021 with handwritten letters to fans with the promise that they will meet again as's an article with all the things the members said about the disbandment. summary: the girls didn't plan the disbandment and weren't expecting to stop their activities so soon. they were notified one month prior that they would be dissolved and couldn't talk about it until the company officially released the news. they are still close-knit and and don't see the group as disbanded. however, they will focus on different projects until their paths meet again. since then the members reunited two times to sing in the weddings of their staff:

@yerin joined sublime as a full entertainer. she was the second member to debut solo. she's gearing up to the web dramas "witch store reopens" and "village sea cloud pension"; and has done many variety gigs including her own youtube content. check out her most recent cover "i wish" (orig. 오윤혜).

@sowon joined iok company focused on acting after the company approached her post disbandment news and is set to debut in a horror rom-com in 2022 called "chilling roommate". she personally updates her youtube channel and is active on vlive. check out her most recent cover "pretend" (orig. suzy).

@yuju joined konnect entertainment (kang daniel's company) as singer-songwriter, and was the third member to sign with a new label. check out her amazing debut album REC. that she fully co-wrote: bad blood, play, cold winter, the killa and blue nostalgia.

@eunha, @sinb and @umji joined the newly formed bpm as a 3-member girl group named viviz. they were the last members to sign with a company and discussed a lot before deciding to redebut as a girl group; being considered a miracle by members and industry. check out their own carrd guide. they debuted with beam of prism / bop bop! and joined queendom 2.

please support all the members! let's keep gfriend's legacy alive.

about / members / videography / discography / storyline

GFRIEND (여자친구, yeojachingu) is a generation-defining South Korean girl group that debuted in January 16, 2015 and was formed by Source Music. The group garnered momentum since their debut despite coming from a small company. The group consists of Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, Sinb and Umji.

The group is known for a unique signature sound that encapsulates a nostalgic feeling, whether it's through a dreamy, melancholic, sentimental sound presented especially through orchestral pop and ballads or a bright, energetic and funky synth-pop influenced by retro musical stylesThey are recognized for their synchronized and knife-life choreography combined with a highly praised vocal delivering.The sextet is also called a trust-and-listen artist, especially for their wistful and healing song lyrics, as well as beagle-dols, for their fun personalities.

As their debut song says I may seem like a clear glass bead, but I won't break that easily, they showed how femininity is not a weakness from the very start as they "remain powerful by changing the way the world views strength."¹Completing five years of career in 2020, the group's agency is now under HYBE (BigHit).The “回” (to return) 2020 series was a big step for the group and their growth as artists. The members started to have more direct input and participation in songwriting, making their music more personal and intimate than ever.


fandom name: buddy
fan club: weverse, previously fancafe
colors: cloud dancer, scuba blue and ultraviolet (tweet)
rhythm game: superstar gfriend
lightstick: ver. 1 (glass marble)ver. 2 (night sky)penlight
twitter lists: fanbases (updates and trans)fluff accounts
latest release: walpurgis night (november 9, 2020)
next release: rumored summer comeback in june
ways to help: cb guide ver. 1, ver. 2streaming playlists

UMJI: “We’ve been through the best of times and the worst of times together, so there’s a feeling of something really strong holding us together very tightly. Each individual member is extremely precious to each of us as a person, so I think that’s what makes GFRIEND so precious to us.”SOWON: "Members are good to me just like real sisters. In the past, I thought I have to protect them with all my might but now, they are there for me through thick and thin."YERIN: "We met in our teens and spent our 20s together. We want to be friends that gather frequently even in their 50s, and I want to be friends forever."

comprehensive articles about their trajectory
- reinterpreting myth with “回” series: a festival of mythical women, as reimagined by gfriend (2020, weverse): "gfriend have been borrowing women from literature and myth to be the subjects of their “回” series: ariadne and the labyrinth from the myth of theseus; the mythical siren and biblical good and evil; faust’s walpurgis night and medieval witches."
- new moons: the return of gfriend and why their coming-of-age is one of kpop’s most powerful forces (2018, medium): "[...] but power doesn’t have to be forceful. it does not have to be brash. it does not always arrive on the back of a crack of thunder, it can be realized even in the shape of something or someone as clear and calm as the bright, full moon."
- gfriend's tvtropes wiki: lots of trivia and storytelling devices from their fictional universe
all interviews | recent interviews with gfriend- gfriend members talk about new album walpurgis night, the girl group’s ode to female empowerment, and why it channels witches: "i’ve talked to friends who have listened to our songs from our debut to today. they tell me that they feel and hear their life stories in these songs,” said the vocalist. “the growth of gfriend is reflected in our individual growth as people, so that’s what i feel defines gfriend.”
- we asked gfriend all about their new album "回:walpurgis night"
- 'modern witches' gfriend and the magic of collaboration: "[...] whether it’s their lively personalities, complex dance routines, or shredding guitar solos, they consistently offer more than meets the eye. but now, their intrinsic magic is in plain sight."
- gfriend says their 'walpurgis night' album captures their growth as artists
- kpop girl group gfriend on changes and ‘walpurgis night’ album

about / members / videography / discography / storyline

click in the pics to read a quick introductionreminder that this is just general information based on a fan perspective that can be flawed since they aren't one-dimensional people and shouldn't be reduced to a persona. the members express themselves through their music, interviews, contact with fans through sns etc. you can watch their content to get to know them yourself.

kim sojung

jung yerin

jung eunbi

choi yuna

hwang eunbi

kim yewon

they are consistently releasing content on weverse, instagram, twitter, vlive and youtube. so be sure to follow them on social media to keep up with the content! gfsquad and r/gfriend are good places to keep up with all members <3

there are youtube fan channels with bite-sized content like leadersowon. here's a messy playlist with guides and compilations.


kim sojeong | 95.12.07 leader. actress who didn't abandon the mic accordingly to her.
stage name: sowon (= "wish")
instagram: @onedayxne
song recs: spotify playlist
expectation: a fashion icon, unapproachable leader. reality: an embarrassing and relatable leader. actually she's both, her antics are part of her charm but she can end you with a glare. gfriend's #1 scammer. she has a dog called meonji. if you google "car door goddess" sowon appears. she participated in sfw 2019. she was part of trend with me show cast: a beauty guru or comedienne?tmi: buying short shorts because "life is short". the toilet paper in the desk computer and how the speaking english odyssey happened. if you follow her on weverse, you know she could have a struggles account just for herself. heavily recommended face cams, not because she has the face of a goddess, but because she is a killer with facial expressions.- gashina cover stage
- again, but she's blonde and at gda
- pretend (cover)
- better me (subunit fancam)
- pilates s (december 20221, interview)
- big issue korea (april 2022 issue, interview)


jung yerin | 96.08.19 variety-dol. a pro-idol so she does everything.
stage name:yerin
instagram: @every__nn
song recs: spotify playlist
she's gfriend's professional kisser and was mc in some shows, including gfriend's first win. she really loves pretty girls. clumsy but badass, scared of fireworks, but skinned a lizard in law of the jungle. a jokester. put everything with -rin, did a nylon photoshoot? her caption will be nylon-rin. appeared in reddit's main page a couple of times because she's a comedienne (exhibit a, exhibit b, oh you mean reddit examples? here and here). you can watch her mukbang series.tmi: bullshitting is one of her charms. buddies call her strong woman jung yerin because she piggybacked three members at the same time. two words: airport dresses (truly a victorian lady).- u go girl cover stage
- spring again (collab)
- password 486 (kms cover)
- mr. mr. (cover-collab with her high school idol friends)
- future boyfriend (collab)
- pilates s (march 2021 issue, interview)


jung eunbi | 97.05.30 lead vocalist. stan attractor. viviz member.
stage name: eunha (= "galaxy")
instagram: @rlo.ldl
song recs: spotify playlist
a relatable bunny with a double chin, naturally cute, give the best award acceptance speeches leaving everyone whipped. she used to be in the same dance crew as sinb. eunbi line are soulmates. she has a cactus-pet named paul. loves to watch movies (letterboxd list) and play stardew valley #eunhadew_valley. she really loves food. thinks she's a morning person because she stay up all night and just go to sleep... in the morning.tmi: hanbok popping legend. put a pic of her a twice's sana in gfriend's valentine performance. killed the other members while playing a game with the cutest yeah! and eat spaghetti in a roller coaster.- bloom cover stage
- invitation (gayo stage cover)
- covers: lilac, i think i, je t'aime, atlantis princess, i have to forget you and others
- collabs: inferiority complex, blossom, taxi, han river at night, make u dance and others
- osts: don't come with farewell, tell me and many others


choi yuna | 97.10.04 main vocalist. singer-songwriter soloist. future egot.
stage name: yuju
instagram: @yuuzth
song recs: spotify playlist
an overpowered member: she’s good at pole dancing, figure skating, gymnastics, can speak english, write poems, songwrite and so on. a thoughtful person (she went viral because of a weverse post and this video about artist-fans relationship), a sweetheart. do everything by heart. very passionate, very perfectionist. however she's also very extra, but her eccentricity is her charm. participated in kpop star 1 (and was reject by jyp, joining the infamous hall of the fame with iu & other big singers).tmi: not good with directions, one time she appeared lost in another's group video in a music show backstage. twerked on national television. fans joke she got blacklisted from special collabs because she's always the main character, indeed her iconic butterfly stage was used as inspiration for a webtoon. her weirdness comes in the same amount of talent, so you've been warned!- heaven cover stage
- original songs: love rain (feat. suran), spring day is gone by chance (rework of her national hit ost)
- osts: secret, in the mood for dancing and many others
- covers: dynamite, speechless, downtown baby and others
- yuju fan wiki with all her covers, osts & special stages


hwang eunbi | 98.06.03 main dancer. queendom it girl. viviz member.
stage name: sinb (= "mystery")
instagram: @bscenez
song recs: spotify playlist
a brilliant dancer, she was a trainee known for her dancing skills and dances since her childhood. can be a strict dance teacher, but most of time she's a cutie. she was a child model and starred in a kids show (this and her graduation day's wig still haunt her). sinb and eunha were childhood friends. potterhead. she has a dog called angkko. funny withouth even trying, a living meme, cannot control her expressions to save her life. she is not here for our bullshit and we love her for that.tmi: don't be fooled by sinb's savage compilations, she's a baby wanting the members' attention. she and angkko have the cutest and funniest interactions (angkko's instagram, yeah... she's a dog mom). she likes to tease us before the comeback and anything really. be prepared!- no. 1 cover stage
- dance cover: sweet but psycho, tap in and others
- artist of the month (studio choom)
- osts: like a dream, confession, loveable
- wow thing (sm station collab)


kim yewon | 98.08.19 maknae and ace. gfriend's baby and viviz member.
stage name: umji (= "thumbelina")
instagram: @ummmmm_j.i
song recs: spotify playlist
a clever girl. she was street casted by soumu. she likes disney, can speak english and plays piano. umji and yerin share the same birthday date. as a buddy once said gfriend has only six brain cells and all of them belongs to her. a sweet girl with a sweet voice who also likes to expose her members. talks with buddies on weverse everyday. she's growing up fast but will always be buddynation's baby. she loves buddies so much it hurts.tmi: she's so put together all the time so watch her being done with an artificial intelligence, pouring melted candle down the sink and accidentally throwing her mic in the middle of a performance (her reaction is the cutest thing). she did many covers in her very last vlive, she and yuju like to show her song versions that didn't make it.- twenty-three (21) cover stage
- original song: eve love, a christmas gift song she wrote, composed and co-arranged!!!
- covers: lemon, rose, madeleine love, put your records on, thinking out loud and others
- osts: welcome and the way
- video editing: flower garden behind the scenes and put your records on